Big Data Project

1 A survey of data partitioning and sampling methods to support big data analysisBIGDATA
2 Data Factory: An Efficient Data Analysis Solution in the Era of Big DataBIGDATA
3 The Real-time Big Data Processing Method Based on LSTM for the Intelligent Workshop Production ProcessBIGDATA
4 Mining conditional functional dependency rules on big dataBIGDATA
5 Big Data Pipeline with ML-Based and Crowd Sourced Dynamically Created and Maintained Columnar Data Warehouse for Structured and Unstructured Big DataBIGDATA
6 The Workload Assessment of National Grid Big Data Projects Based on Content Recommendations and Text ClassificationBIGDATA
7 Effective Garbage Data Filtering Algorithm for SNS Big Data Processing by Machine LearningBIGDATA
8 A Big Data Provenance Model for Data Security Supervision Based on PROV-DM ModelBIGDATA
9 The Impact of Big Data In Healthcare AnalyticsBIGDATA
10 A Scalable Multi-Data Sources Based Recursive Approximation Approach for Fast Error Recovery in Big Sensing Data on CloudBIGDATA
11 Research on Intelligent Security Protection of Privacy Data in Government CyberspaceBIGDATA
12 Redundancy Avoidance for Big Data in Data Centers: A Conventional Neural Network ApproachBIGDATA
13 Online Distributed IoT Security Monitoring With Multidimensional Streaming Big DataBIGDATA
14 MWBS: An Efficient Many-to-Many Wireless Big Data Delivery SchemeBIGDATA
15 Big Data Oriented Mining and Implementation Analysis for Online Education InformationBIGDATA
16 A Novel Approach for Big Data Classification and Transportation in Rail NetworksBIGDATA
17 Differential Privacy Preserving of Training Model in Wireless Big Data with Edge ComputingBIGDATA
18 Network Traffic Analysis using Big Data and Deep Learning TechniquesBIGDATA
19 Resolving Data De-Duplication issues on CloudBIGDATA
20 DCAuth: Data-Centric Authentication for Secure In-Network Big-Data RetrievalBIGDATA
21 Research on Automatic Search of Internet of Things in Big Data Era Based on Merge Sorting MethodBIGDATA
22 Ensemble Framework for Big Data Stream MiningBIGDATA
23 Controllable Correlation Big Data Dynamic Prediction Model for Mobile CommunicationBIGDATA
24 Public Opinion Detection in an Online Lending Forum: Sentiment Analysis and Data VisualizationBIGDATA
25 Analyzing of Personalized Recommendation Model of Social Network Users Based on Big DataBIGDATA
26 Distributed Feature Selection for Big Data Using Fuzzy Rough SetsBIGDATA
27 Design of College Students’ Physical Health Monitoring System Based on Big Data PlatformBIGDATA
28 Flood Forecasting System Based on Integrated Big and Crowdsource Data by Using Machine Learning TechniquesBIGDATA
29 An Unsupervised Embedding Learning Feature Representation Scheme for Network Big Data AnalysisBIGDATA
30 Secure Data Sharing and Search for Cloud-Edge-Collaborative StorageBIGDATA
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